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Learn how trying to reach financial independence (FI) can help with treating and preventing burnout, and set you and your family up for future financial success while living an intentional life on the way.


You don't have to work 40 to 60 hours per week until you're 65!


Your future self will thank you for the action you take today to reach the point where work is optional sooner. 


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Hi, I'm Kat, PA-C, and I want to teach you about how to become financially independent as a PA to help set your future self up to have options and more freedom.  

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What can you expect from learning about financial independence with Kat from 

PA the FI Way? 

Kat went from being completely financially illiterate and experiencing symptoms of burnout 5 years into practicing medicine as a PA-C, to becoming financially literate, pursuing financial independence, cutting back on work hours and stress, and growing her net worth. She wants to help guide you to becoming a PA on the way to financial independence as well!

A PA on the way to financial independence has more...

  • Freedom and options in life
  • Mental bandwidth
  • Time to do what they want


Here are some testimonials and reviews: 

Jeff, PA-C
(podcast listener)

"As someone beginning their PA career & only slightly further ahead on the path to financial independence I was so excited to find this podcast. But I was even more excited when I listened and realized the host is a PA I met & worked with during my rotations! Kat provides clear information, practical application, as well as interesting and insightful interviews. This podcast has something for PAs in all stages of their professional (i.e. pre-PA/student to practicing PA-C) & personal financial independence journeys. Listen to PA the FI Way & learn to FI the PA Way!"

Mira B., Pre-PA Student, soon to be PA-S
(one-on-one coaching client)

"Thank you so much for all your time and help again Kat. I love all your insights on everything ranging from different budgeting methods to learning about the different types of loans that can be used to pay for PA school. It means a lot to me that you lay everything out so sequentially, which helps me as someone who often feels quite anxious regarding finances and starting PA school. I left my first session with you with a huge feeling of relief knowing that I now have some simple, yet powerful tools to start tracking my spending and exploring various methods of paying for PA school. I highly recommend your financial coaching services to prePAs, incoming PA students, and current PA students! Your expertise shines through in your constructive feedback, the questions you ask to help guide the session, the personalized tips you have given to me, and most of all your kindness has helped me to feel more comfortable addressing the financial aspects of becoming a PA student. Thank you!!"

Jordan, PA-C
(podcast listener)

"This is a great podcast for the financial life of a PA. The information is very helpful while not coming off overwhelming. I learn something new every episode and look forward to the next one every week! Great job Kat!"

Tasnim, PA-C
(podcast listener)

"First off, great podcast! I just graduated PA school in December and recently started my first PA job! I'm ready to get in control of my finances. I really have been learning a lot from your podcast, and appreciate you sharing your knowledge! Your podcast so far has been thorough and easy to understand, and sooo helpful!"

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