071 | The Benefits of Adventuring on the Journey to Financial Independence: Interview with Heidi Dusek, Host of the Ordinary Sherpa Podcast and Author of Beyond Normal

Have you ever thought that traveling and going on adventures would have to stop either when you have kids or when you are saving money to pursue financial independence as a physician associate / physician assistant? Heidi will share how those beliefs are misconceptions! 


Heidi Dusek is the founder and host of Ordinary Sherpa podcast and brand designed to inspire families to connect through simple and authentic adventure experiences.  Heidi is well-versed in challenging the status quo, connecting people and designing experiences.  She has an adventurous lens on life, using empathy and curiosity as critical threads in the fabric of designing an authentic and memorable life. Heidi and her family travel frequently, spend a significant amount of time outside, and create simple adventure experiences near and far.  As a working executive, she did not want to choose between her career, being a mom, or having an adventure-filled life resulting in her latest book, Beyond Normal: a field guide to embracing adventure, exploring the wilderness and designing an extraordinary life with kids. 


In this episode we discuss the benefits of trying to incorporate simple and affordable family adventures, and we review some of the neuroscience and research that support how beneficial adventuring can be. Take a listen to be inspired to plan an adventure today in your own backyard! 


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