042 | How to Develop a Plan to Pay Back Your PA Student Loans

Most PAs graduate from PA school with over six figures of student loan debt! There are so many options to pay back your debt, some of which can include trading your service as a PA to have your student loans forgiven such as PSLF. Another plan may include refinancing with a private lender for a lower interest rate, but in some cases, it may make sense to actually keep federal student loans. For some, an IDR plan may be a better fit. How in the world do you decide which option for loan repayment is best for you? 

Andrew Paulson, CSLP, co-founded StudentLoanAdvice.com, which is a trusted White Coat Investor company, and advises PAs and other health care providers on formulating a plan to help manage and pay back their student loan debt. He is incredibly knowledgeable in regards to all of the repayment options so you can feel comfortable knowing that you made the best decision to save on costs when tackling all of your debt! 

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