074 | Say "I Do" to Lower Wedding Costs

It is wedding season, and many PAs tend to get married right after PA school. A few other PAs will even get married in the midst of PA school! Weddings can be magical and memorable, as well as unfortunately very expensive. However, the overall cost is actually in your control to decide how much you and your (future) spouse would like to spend.

As with many budgeting and financial areas of life, consider what you will truly value on your wedding day, and spend on those things while cutting costs in the other areas that don't mean as much to you. Your special day will fly by, so ask yourself, "Do I really want to spend THAT much money for one day?"

In this episode, you'll find some creative ideas of how you can have a lovely wedding day, a beautiful engagement ring, as well as many wonderful memories without breaking the bank.

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