077 | Some of the Diverse Roles That One PA Can Hold: Interview with Brittany Strelow, DMSc, MS, PA-C

Do you feel as though you'd like to try to dip your toes into other roles outside of clinical medicine as a physician associate? This interview with Brittany will show how you could try many different things as a PA, even while still practicing clinically if you want to. In addition to working in primary care, she is also a faculty member of a new PA program, participates in research, has been published, volunteers for the state (MAPA) and national (AAPA) PA societies, and is currently president-elect of MAPA. She also shares how she was able to pay off her large student loan debt from PA school in less than 3 years! I think you'll find her story incredibly inspirational as she discusses the variety of roles that she holds as a PA.


Connect with Brittany on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brittany-strelow-dmsc-ms-pa-c-46510644 


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