091 | How to Accumulate Wealth as a PA with Bradley Clark, CFP

Bradley "Brad" Clark, CFP, is a fee-only fiduciary financial advisor who shares his insight on how PAs can accumulate wealth on their way to financial independence. He discusses a suggested order of operations to allocate your income by setting aside a certain portion towards different retirement and investment accounts while also paying down your debt. It can be difficult to balance paying down your six-figure student loan debt while saving and investing for your future, but this information can help you get started!


Brad also shares how you can find a fee-only fiduciary financial advisor to work with if you would like some additional help from a trusted resource. Working with this type of financial planner could help you either on your way to financial independence or when nearing your retirement to optimize your financial strategy in regards to drawing down your funds.


Brad also will have a new book launching in January 2023 titled Be the Bird, and you can connect with him to claim your copy or to reach out with questions: [email protected] 


Brad's website: bradleyclark.com  


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