094 | Time: Who You Spend It With Changes as You Age

Time is life’s most precious, nonrenewable resource. Once time has passed, there is no getting that time back. Although many of us wish that time travel was a possibility at one point in our life or another, the reality is that it simply is not a tool that we can use to go back in time or go into the future.


So if we can all agree that our time is a precious commodity, why is it that we don’t treat our time with the upmost respect? Why do we waste our own time, or even worse, let others waste our time? Why is it that we don’t view our time spent with others in our lives, such as our dear family and friends, as something we should prioritize and cherish? Maybe it’s because we can’t wrap our heads around how truly fleeting our time here on earth is. Maybe it’s because we’re young, and think we have all the time in the world. Maybe it’s because we are confident that we will see our family members and friends many more times in the future. Unfortunately, these things aren’t always true.


This episode may cause some of you to feel a twinge of depression or anxiety. However, my hope is that it serves to open your eyes while motivating and encouraging you to make the choices and take the necessary actionable steps to be able to spend your time as you please throughout your life.


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