104 | Remote Informatics PA and Remote Oncology NP Millionaire Couple: Interview with Wilson, PA-C and Stephanie, NP

If you want to be inspired on your way to financial independence (FI) as a physician associate (PA) or another healthcare professional such as a nurse practitioner (NP), then you need to take a listen to this episode! Wilson is a PA-C who has a nonclinical remote role working in informatics, and Stephanie is a remote oncology NP. They are each pretty early in their careers and recently became engaged, but are well on their way to FI as they are already a millionaire couple! Huge congrats to them! They share how boring index fund investing is an important foundation to building wealth, but they also share some information about their real estate investing experience. Take a listen to learn how they were able to build their wealth and change their mindsets to that of abundance long the way! 


Connect with Wilson and Steph: 


Wilson: @wilson_invests

Steph: @steph_estate



Resources mentioned: 

Rich Dad Poor Dad book 

The Millionaire Next Door book 

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