122 | Giving Back Through Medical and Dental Mission Trips

In today's episode, my sister who works in the dental field as a LDA (licensed dental assistant) joins me on the show to share about our recent joint medical and dental mission trip to Honduras. It's important to think about how you will want to spend your time once you reach financial independence, and you should test those ideas out before you even get there. You may decide to try to give back your time, your skills, or your money (or possibly all of them!) to others at home and abroad. There are mission trip teams that you can join to bring healthcare and hope to those in need. On this trip, 55 team members from the medical team, dental team, and optical team saw 1,752 patients over the course of four clinical days! Take a listen to hear about our recent mission trip adventure filled with fun, fulfillment, and several challenges along the way. 



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