127 | Wallet-Friendly Wellness: Navigating Nutrition on a Budget for Busy Healthcare Professionals [Interview with Colleen Sloan, PA-C, RDN]

Colleen Sloan, PA-C, RDN joins me on the show to share her wealth of knowledge that she has as a Registered Dietitian and PA. Colleen provides several wonderful tips to help you save both time and money as a busy healthcare professional that is trying to make nutritious meals for yourself and your family. Join us as we discuss practical strategies, time-saving tips for meals, and budget-friendly foods designed to empower healthcare professionals to eat healthy without breaking the bank. 


Colleen also hosts an amazing podcast called Exam Room Nutrition where she helps clinicians learn how to discuss nutrition with their patients. 


Resource mentioned: savethefood.com 


She also created this resource to help you save even more time during your busy clinic days: https://www.examroomnutrition.com/STEER


Connect with Colleen: 

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/examroomnutrition

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/examroomnutrition/

Website: www.examroomnutrition.com

Email: [email protected]  


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